Manet self-portrait sold for 22 million pounds

Manet self-portrait sold for 22 million poundsSelf portrait of the French artist Edouard Manet sold for a record amount ever paid for a work by this painter, more than 22 million pounds.Previous price record for a work by this artist was established 21 years ago and belonged to the painting Street Monier with flags, sold in new York in 1989 for 16.4 million pounds ($29,488 million).The current record holder Manet - self portrait titled Manet with a palette, on which the artist has depicted himself in a bowler hat with a brush in his hand.The work sold at Sotheby's in London. Prior to the auction auction house experts determined the ultimate - shopping - lot value in the range of 20-30 million pounds and no mistake.According to them, the work, written in 1878-79 gg, is one of only two self-portraits by Manet and reckoned among the greatest masterpieces of impressionism.Held the day before the auction at Sotheby's began a series of London auctions, which have become works of Impressionists and modernists.At the same auction were sold Arbres a Collioure (1905) by andrГ© Derain for 16 million pounds and Odalisques jouant aux dames Henri Matisse (1928) for 12 million pounds.The hammer will leave a Pond with water lilies of Claude Monet, Portrait of angel Fernandez de Soto by Pablo Picasso (1903).The Bonhams auction also already pleased with art lovers, putting up for auction works by Picasso and Chagall.Another famous auction house Christie's on Wednesday will hold a private auction. Christie's will put up 63 the work of artists whose total value is approximately 230 million pounds.Recall that on 4 may at Christie's in new York painting by Pablo Picasso set a new world record for the cost of the artwork. Picture Nude on a background of green leaves and bust, painted in 1932, was sold for more than $106 million Source: Manet-Portrait sold for 22 million pounds. . . Читать полностью -->

Mikhail Pletnev is scheduled to appear again in court in Pattaya

Mikhail Pletnev is scheduled to appear again in court in PattayaIn the court of the Thai city of Pattaya again today, must be a Russian musician Mikhail Pletnev. He is accused of molesting minors, transfers TV channel "Russia 24".Internationally renowned conductor has a property in Thailand and spends several weeks a year. In early July, he was detained by local police. The house was searched and allegedly found videos of child pornography. The court satisfied the petition of the Russian musician on bail and allowed him to leave the country on tour, the Deposit of additional collateral and its appearance in court July 18. While there is a consequence Pletnev must notify the judges of every 12 days. Читать полностью -->

Kendra Wilkinson earns `dirty videos`

Kendra Wilkinson earns `dirty videos` 24-year-old former model Kendra Wilkinson can earn millions of dollars by selling Amateur porn videos with her participation.This was stated by the editors of the website Radar Online, specializing in exclusive material about the personal life of stars.Ex-Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson in 2009-m year left "harem Hugh Hefner", while in "interesting position".In June she announced that she is pregnant by Hank Baskett - star College football.In the same month, Kendra and Hank were married, and in December, a baby boy was born, named after her husband and his ancestors Hank Bascetta fourth.So girls - Playboy Kendra turned into a caring mother and loving wife.But there it was...the video company Vivid Entertainment announced before the end of may to release an album of "home video" with the participation of Kendra Wilkinson. As stated by representatives Vivid, this video was obtained from a third party, and they are sure that you have the legal right to publish and sell this video.Kendra refused to communicate with the Vivid and through his lawyers sought an injunction on the publication of the incriminating video, referring to the fact that we are talking about private videos containing "highly confidential" materials designed exclusive for your personal viewing and not for publication.Kendra did not deny that in the past has had a very free life, used drugs, engaged in deliberate self-harm and was undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital. About her wild youth, she even told a television show on channel E!The star admitted that "dirty video" can be genuine, but insisted that no one has the right to publish.However, Radar Online claims that the scandal Kendra's fake. It is just part of the game, designed to receive fantastic profits...According to the editors of this site, Kendra agreed to the release of the video and will receive a $100,000 plus 50 percent of the proceeds from the CD sales.In addition, Radar Online calls the name of the partner Kendra sex games.This is a known MMA fighter (UFC), former player Indiana Hoosiers (American football) Justin Frye, who is older than Kendra four years.When Kendra was still in high school, they had an affair. Then they lived together in San Diego, and Justin installed in the house a pole for dancing with a Striptease and a video camera on a tripod next to the bed to capture the fun with a friend.Husband of Kendra, dark-skinned giant Hank Baskett makes no comments.They say that Hank grew up in a conservative family. What would be his reaction in the case of the publication of the scandalous "home video" it's difficult to predict.In April of last year, Kendra Wilkinson opened his own business: she released a video of a Striptease "for Housewives" and started to sell the staves for the performing erotic dances at home (similar to the business engaged another former star of Playboy - Carmen Electra). Читать полностью -->

For drunkenness Lindsay Lohan will watch bracelet

For drunkenness Lindsay Lohan will watch braceletThe court in Los Angeles ordered the American actress Lindsay Lohan to wear a bracelet that monitors alcohol consumption and regularly pass drug tests, according to the Associated Press.The actress will also have to postpone the trip to Texas for the filming of the new film, because the judge found that there it will not be able to fully follow the court order.If Lohan will start to drink alcohol, the bracelet will record an increase in the alcohol content in the blood and automatically sends this information to the manufacturer.Earlier, the actress was twice ignored a court session. To them she was to report on the implementation of the program on liberation from alcohol dependence within the probation received it in 2007 for drunk driving and drug use.In this regard, may 20, a court in Los Angeles issued a warrant for her arrest. For Lohan, who at the time was at the Cannes film festival, has made 100 thousand dollars bail, after which the warrant was withdrawn.A hearing on the fact of absence of the actress on the appointed days at the hearings scheduled for July 6.Source: For drunkenness Lindsay Lohan will watch bracelet. . . . Читать полностью -->

Legs Lindsay Lohan acquire a putrid shade

Legs Lindsay Lohan acquire a putrid shade The wild life of a Hollywood actress, model and drug addict Lindsay Lohan takes its toll. Now even naughty pictures stars cause rather disgust than admiration.Cadaverous pale, icteric skin tone Lindsay on the background shape cellulite is a direct result of her promiscuous lifestyle.How does she still manage to shoot for the covers of glossy magazines, remains a mystery. Apparently with the invincible power of photoshop. Source: Foot Lindsay Lohan acquire a putrid shade . . . Читать полностью -->

The Pattinson I advise you to abandon a musical career

The Pattinson I advise you to abandon a musical careerThis appeal was addressed to the artist after he wasted my time in a rented recording Studio, although it is worth, the lease money.The British star of the Twilight Saga spent a fortune to hire professional musicians and rent a Hollywood Studio. But instead of becoming a place of hard work, the Studio turned into a "Night of rampant drinking without music". This told those in attendance musician to American tabloid the National Enquirer."Rob, you need to seriously reconsider his musical career," said the source. - He doesn't have time to do anything because I invited a bunch of noisy friends and brought a ton of alcohol. In the end, he spent the night out on the rampage with friends, drinking to excess. Rob was mostly joking with the musicians and not worked and just kept them there a few hours wasted. Читать полностью -->

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